October 12, 2006

ROBERT COX writes in The Examiner that the Left is on the way to owning the Internet the way the Right owns talk radio.

Except that the Right doesn’t own the infrastructure for talk radio.

UPDATE: Hmm. I feel sorry for Google shareholders — no sooner do they buy YouTube than they seem to be flushing its value away.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Stuart Gittelman has a different take:

YouTube definitely has problems with sending conservative videos to the cornfield, but in this case, I think the real concept at plays is a tangent to the Army of Davids paradigm.

It appears from the notice that the Associate Press got YouTube to pull the video over copyright issues. Fair enough, that’s their right. But it reflects the AP’s total “old media” approach: this is our toy and no one plays with our toys in our sandbox unless we say so. But look at FoxNews, for instance. How many little snippets quite like the one the AP is clutching like Linus’ security blanket did they allow Ian Schwartz at The Political Teen to post knowing the free, viral marketing they got out of it burnished their credentials. And that’s just one fr’instance.

The bottom line is that one embraced the technology and the Davids. They’re doing pretty well. The other is still trying to play Goliath. I suppose that’s good work if you can get it…but only while it lasts.

Very interesting.

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