OOPS! The Los Angeles Times’ story on Eason Jordan’s resignation contains an error that suggests its writer wasn’t very familiar with the blogosphere:

Also, a website called Easongate.com, featuring the executive’s corporate portrait on its home page, offered a clearing-house of criticism related to Jordan’s statements. The website linked to 25 other sites in its “Blogroll,” with mainstream columnists such as Roger L. Simon and more obscure bloggers such as “Red State Rant” and “Winds of Change.”

As Nationals Review (itself likely to be a fertile source of confusion for the LAT at some point) observes:

There are two people named Roger Simon. One is a columnist for U.S. News and World Report. The other is a popular blogger who I read regularly. The latter is more informative, but the LA Times automatically calls him “mainstream” because they assume he’s employed by a mainstream media company. Winds of Change is hardly an obscure blog, but since the LA Times doesn’t keep up with the blogs, they’re well behind.

Indeed. If, as many suspect, this will be spun by some Big Media outfits as a baying mob out for the blood of conscientious journalists, that spin will lose force when it becomes apparent that many of those describing the “mob” have only the vaguest idea of what they’re describing.