I DON’T CARE, BUT YOU MIGHT: There’ll be a Peterson verdict in a few minutes.

UPDATE: Death penalty. Jeralyn Merritt at TalkLeft is unhappy.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Randy Barnett:

I have not been following the Peterson trial very closely, if for no other reason than that I lack all confidence in the competence of California prosecutors to competently handle high-publicity murder trials. But listening to comments of the three jurors now being interviewed live by the networks, my faith in the jury trial system for criminal cases is reinforced. They are intelligent, careful, clear, conscientious and emotionally moved by their experience.

That’s an encouraging note.

MORE: Ann Althouse’s feelings are mixed:

At some point I was overcome with admiration for these people, who had devoted so much time and energy to the trial and were so thoughtful and sensible and human. . . . I admire the jurors and think they did their job properly. Their outrage at the defendant is justified. Nevertheless, quite without meaning to, I found myself reaffirmed in opposition to the death penalty.

Read the whole thing.