January 18, 2021

COCKBURN: The terrifying scourge of ‘multiracial whiteness.’ The Washington Post reveals why so many ‘white supremacists’ are in fact not white. It’s scary:

It’s hard being a pundit these days. Not only does steadily advancing groupthink and fear of cancellation increasingly force you to copy the same takes as everybody else, but frequently those views are very dumb.

Take the riot at the Capitol. Some minatory cabal of Twitter, Facebook, Google, the Bilderberg Group, FEMA and the Jesuits has issued its secret decree to all news outlets: the rampage through the halls of Congress was the work of dastardly white supremacists! And the outlets oblige.

AP: ‘Years of white supremacy threats culminated in Capitol riots.’

Vox: ‘The Capitol riot is a reminder of the links between police and white supremacy

New York Times: ‘America in 2021: Racial Progress in the South, a White Mob in the Capitol

CNN: ‘The Capitol insurrection could be a bigger racial reckoning than the George Floyd protests

New Yorker: ‘The Bitter Fruits of Trump’s White-Power Presidency’

OK, OK, we get the point.

But there’s a small problem. Somehow, on their way to launching a neo-fascist takeover of the United States, the white supremacists ran out of whites.

Read the whole thing, and then check out David Thompson, who frames the Post’s article thusly: Hush Now, Brown Person, I’ll Do The Talking.

Well, here’s a thing. It turns out that “white supremacy” is surprisingly diverse. Or, as the Washington Post’s headline puts it,

To Understand Trump’s support, we must think in terms of multiracial Whiteness.

The author of what follows, Ms Cristina Beltrán, is “an associate professor of social and cultural analysis at New York University.” Her areas of expertise are needless to say sweeping and numerous, extending from “feminist theory” to “Latinx, and race & gender politic,” because “Latinx” and “politic” is how we do things now. Being a leftist academic, Ms Beltrán is of course mystified by the existence of non-white Trump supporters and, by extension, non-white people who dare to deviate from her own leftist assumptions. And so, inevitably, contortions ensue:

Including this one by Beltrán:

Multiracial whiteness promises Latino Trump supporters freedom from the politics of diversity and recognition. For voters who see the very act of acknowledging one’s racial identity as itself racist, the politics of multiracial whiteness reinforces their desired approach to color-blind individualism.

That’s…quite a sentence for the Post to publish on the weekend before Martin Luther King Day. And thus, another Babylon Bee prophecy comes true: Far-Right Extremist Suggests Treating People Of All Races Equally.

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