January 15, 2021


NASA Researcher Pleads Guilty to Concealing China Ties.

Former Harvard-affiliated researcher ordered to leave country after attempt to smuggle cancer research to China.

MIT professor charged with hiding work for China.

Harvard Professor Arrested for Allegedly Lying About Income From China.

Earlier: The Bill Is Coming Due For China’s ‘Capitalist’ Experiment, West Must Prepare For Fallout:

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has re-awoken to a profound truth: Rich, secure capitalists are the natural enemies of authoritarian regimes. In a hybrid autocratic-capitalist model, capitalism is the means to generate wealth, but power is the end goal. Successful capitalists naturally begin to demand that their personal and property rights be protected from authoritarian fiat. Capital in the hands of entrepreneurs is a political resource; it poses a threat to the implementation of centralized plans.

Realizing this, the CCP has begun to assert control over the private sector by “installing . . . Party officials inside private firms” and having state-backed firms invest in private enterprises. In the absence of civil rights or an independent judiciary, “private” companies have no real independence from the government in China. Dissent and demands for civil rights are a threat to the regime and will be crushed.

Read the whole thing.

China has also installed a fair shair of “party officials inside private firms” with businesses that aren’t Chinese-owned as well:

US companies riddled with members of Chinese Communist Party.
Big four accounting firms employ hundreds of Chinese Communist Party members.

Flashback from November of 2019: How to Conduct Business with Chinese Companies That See a Dark Future.

Related: ‘New Window Of Hope:’ Top Chinese Official Sees Improved Relations With Biden Administration.

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