January 2, 2021

DON SURBER: Fighting to close schools so she can vacation in a covid hotspot.

On Thursday, before the news of her vacation broke, she tweeted, “Hearing of an educator revolution happening. Tons of members are emailing their admin: I’ll be asserting my right to continue to work in a safe remote environment on January 4th, 2021. I have signed the pledge, along with over 8,000+ union educators to continue to work remotely.”

Well, Puerto Rico is remote from Chicago.

And a covid hotspot.

In response to the anger over her Puerto Rican adventure, she tweeted, “Since I had covid so terribly for 60+ days, my doc told me it’s extremely unlikely for me to covid again.”

Seeing how she will not get covid again, she should get in the classroom and start teaching again. Her students are special education, which means they are the ones who need her services most.

Oh wait a minute.

With her, it is not about the children, is it?

That’s a great question, but she’s currently maintaining radio — and television — silence:

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