December 8, 2020


The common denominator with Fair Fight and CTCL is that both set out to alter the structural electoral environment, rather than just throwing money at ads.

All of that work was out in the open, yet Republicans, taking Georgia for granted, were caught by surprise. And Georgia, as I keep saying, is a testbed for the real deal, which is Texas. That’s their big endgame. Take Texas, transform its electoral system, and secure every presidential election until doomsday.

Democrats went into 2020 with a lot of money but, more importantly, a plan. Republicans have a lot of infighting, but so far, no plan.

Read the whole thing.

And speaking of Georgia: Police Reports Shed Light on Warnock’s 2002 Arrest for Obstruction: ‘Extremely Uncooperative and Disruptive.’ Warnock repeatedly disrupted child abuse investigation, reports say.

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