December 7, 2020

BECAUSE IT’S 2020, THE KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKENS HAVE FINALLY COME HOME TO ROOST: Mario Lopez’s Colonel Sanders Has ‘A Recipe for Seduction’ in Lifetime Movie Spoof.

Lifetime’s latest original movie has all of the genre’s most familiar tropes—deception, threats, forbidden love and attempted murder—along with a surprising twist: One of the characters is KFC’s Colonel Harland Sanders.

Yes, this is a joke—but it’s also a real Lifetime movie. Or, actually, what the network is calling a “Lifetime original mini-movie.” A Recipe for Seduction—starring Mario Lopez as the KFC founder—is a 15-minute branded content collaboration from Lifetime, KFC and agency Wieden+Kennedy Portland, and debuts on the cable network this Sunday, Dec. 13, at noon ET.

The program, which sends up Lifetime’s signature soapy films, focuses on a young heiress whose devious mother has hand-picked her suitor, but finds herself falling instead for Lopez’s Sanders, a new chef with a secret … fried chicken recipe.

The trailer is packed with the moments that Lifetime movies are famous for, with lines like “we all have our secrets” and a scene featuring Lopez bound and gagged as the mother barks, “Just kill him already!”

“We all have our secrets” – including that Col. Sanders (in his previous incarnation as a real man) is no stranger to Hollywood:

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