September 3, 2003


Unlike Mark Kleiman, I think Cruz Bustamante’s MEChA connection might be reason enough not to vote for him, especially because he’s been such a mealy-mouthed coward in addressing the question. But I completely agree with Mark that Bustamante’s increasingly nutty economic populism is an even better reason. . .

He’s supposed to be an advocate for low-income Californians, and he attacks Wal-Mart, which has not only driven huge productivity gains in the economy over all but, more to the point, sells quality merchandise at low prices? Where exactly does he want the people eating his red meat to shop? Melrose Avenue boutiques? That’s economic cluelessness.

Attacking Wal-Mart shows that he’s not a populist, but rather a slave to anti-globo-bobo fashion. Which his sad devotion to the outdated radical-chic ideology of MEChA also suggests.

UPDATE: Meanwhile Stephen Green wonders if Arnold Schwarzenegger has what it takes. Who knows? The fact that Davis and Bustamante are losers doesn’t, by itself, make Arnold a winner.

ANOTHER UPDATE: But Jesse Ventura says that Arnold’s just the ticket to shake up California’s sick and corrupt political culture:

Believe me, Democrats and Republicans will break laws, take campaign contributions from anybody, slander, lie, cheat, conspire in defense of their power. And, more often than not, they will enjoy the compliance of the popular media in their quest to maintain their exclusivity.

Tell us something we don’t know, Jesse.

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