January 1, 2020

CLUNKER: Buttigieg bundler pushed “Cash for Fatties” federal proposal.

Just when the commotion caused by a top bundler for Pete Buttigieg was fading from political conversations, another problematic bundler has been exposed. This time it is Wendy Wanderman, an entertainment executive who specializes in film marketing and production. A taxpayer-funded initiative she proposed in 2009 has surfaced and is causing some heartburn for Buttigieg’s campaign. Her proposal, “Cash for Fatties” would pay people to lose weight.

Remember Cash for Clunkers, the Obama administration’s cash incentive program for drivers who traded in older automobiles to purchase newer fuel-efficient vehicles? This plan was along the same lines. She proposed that there be a program for the government to pay people to lose weight. She outlined her idea in a 279-word blog post published by HuffPost where she was a contributor at the time. The internet is forever and her old blog post is in the news.

Recent articles by Buttigieg’s fellow leftists would suggest this is a white supremacist dog whistle being put out by his campaign. Including this one, which Debra Heine spotted in September: Teen Vogue Writer Ties Perceptions About Obesity to White Supremacy.

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