October 2, 2019

BILL MCGURN ON PELOSI’S PERMANENT IMPEACHMENT. By proceeding by fiat instead of a full House vote, the speaker sets a terrible precedent:

Almost a year ago Mr. Nadler advanced a similar argument about the high bar for impeaching President Trump. “If you’re serious about removing a president from office, what you’re really doing is overturning the result of the last election,” he told Roll Call. “You don’t want to have a situation where you tear this country apart, and for the next 30 years half the country’s saying, ‘We won the election, you stole it.’ ” Today that Mr. Nadler is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, with her decision to proceed with impeachment by fiat, Mrs. Pelosi has set many disturbing precedents—none more terrible than the idea that all you need is a willing speaker and you can put a congressional committee in permanent impeachment mode, using its powers to try to overturn an election.

“Until now, only the full House could trigger impeachment proceedings,” says Mr. Collins. “By denying that vote, she is laying the ground for perpetual impeachment proceedings—and transforming the most severe constitutional power into an irreverent messaging tool.”

As with Harry Reid and the filibuster, apparently Pelosi believes there will never be another Republican Congress and if there is one, they will never attempt to employ the same tactics she’s invoked against a president whom the DNC-MSM is deifying as the next FDR/JFK/BHO. As Jonah Goldberg wrote over a decade ago, “Liberals are geniuses at unleashing social panics because A) it never occurs to them that their motives are anything but pure and B) because they are almost exclusively focused on short term tactics. And yet they are invariably shocked when these moral frenzies come back to bite them. McCarthyism was a direct consequence of both the Red Scare and the Brown Scare. And when the tactics they mastered were turned on them, they acted as if they came from nowhere.”

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