September 25, 2019

YOUR DAILY TREACHER: Iowa Man Donates $1 Million to Children’s Hospital, Gets Cancelled for Bad Tweets.

“Routine background check.” For a story about a guy who gave a million bucks to sick kids? Bull$#!+.

And don’t let any of these scumbag journalists tell you that King’s old tweets “resurfaced.” The tweets didn’t just float up to the top of the Internet on their own. Somebody got paid to dig them up. Someone made the decision to publish them. It was a choice. The Des Moines Register chose this.

But here’s where it gets interesting. Some keen-eyed Internet sleuths decided to do their own routine background check on Aaron Calvin, the Des Moines Register reporter who wrote the story:

Read the whole thing. Curiously, the Des Moines Register’s editor is suddenly silent about her reporter’s efforts at leading the cancel culture mob, despite the skeletons in his own closet:

Not to mention the vile taint this story now gives a newspaper that previously had an innocuous national reputation.

UPDATE: “So Carson King was apparently citing Tosh quotes in his Tweets 8 years ago from when he was 16, and he genuinely apologized. Your turn, @AnheuserBusch. Does the same standard apply to you? How far does this go? Cowards,” Dana Loesch tweets.

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