September 24, 2019

FAST TIMES AT SULZBERGER HIGH: Newly-Hired NYT Reporter Accused Of Fabricating Accusation Against Another Reporter.

A newly-hired New York Times writer is being accused of fabricating an accusation against another reporter in a Tuesday Twitter squabble.

NYT reporter Taylor Lorenz hit back on her colleague Zeynep Tufekci, an op-ed writer, on Twitter Tuesday, writing that Tufekci called her “unqualified to report on the attention economy” two years ago, according to Jon Levine, a New York Post reporter. Levine took a picture of the now-deleted tweet and noted that Lorenz was “taking aim” at a co-worker “in her first month on the job at NYT.”

Lorenz, a Culture of Tech reporter, replied to Levine in another deleted tweet and claimed she wasn’t “taking aim,” adding that Levine should “stop reaching.” Levine took a photo of this tweet as well, according to his Twitter page. Following the confrontation, Lorenz blocked Levine on Twitter, screenshots indicate.

Shortly after, Levine was allegedly un-blocked and Lorenz accused him of faking the photo.

And that’s on top of this item from Sunday: Exclusive — Another New York Times Editor Made Racist, Anti-Semitic Comments.

John Nolte of Big Journalism is going to need a bigger blog to keep count: The New York Times’ Disastrous Summer of Fake News and Public Meltdowns.

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