September 17, 2002

BLOGOSPHERE UPDATE: Eric Alterman has finished his Ph.D. (history, Stanford) as of Friday. The dissertation: “Two Lies: The Consequences of Presidential Deception.” (The lies are Yalta and the Cuban Missile Crisis.) Apparently he’s going to add two more lies — Tonkin and Iran/Contra — and turn it into a book. (Will the publisher put a blurb on the cover: “Improved — now with more lies!”? Er, maybe not, but that has a suitably Kausian sound to it.)

I wonder if he’ll be posting more than once a day now that the dissertation is done. I haven’t asked, but I’ll bet the real barrier is MSNBC’s set-up. It seems that Big Media websites don’t allow posting with the convenience of programs like MT or Blogger, with the exception of NRO, which has just incorporated Blogger into its setup. I wonder why more places don’t do something like that.

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