BICOASTAL: Feds Charge Michael Avenatti with Extortion in NY, Embezzlement in CA. “Sources told The Wall Street Journal that Mark Geragos, the attorney for Jussie Smollett, is Avenatti’s co-conspirator.”

Talk about annals of leftist autophagy — Geragos is (was?) also Nike endorsee Colin Kaepernick’s attorney, — and is/was a CNN legal analyst:

Related: “Jussie Smollett Hires Michael Jackson’s Attorney Mark Geragos: All His Famous Past Clients” — from People magazine on Friday.

UPDATE: CNN Drops Mark Geragos After Legal Commentator Reported as Co-Conspirator in Avenatti Scheme.

The Media Research Center calculates that CNN alone gave Avenatti “74 appearances and adds that Avenattti made a total of 147 TV appearances over 10 weeks; that means CNN hosted more than half of his appearances ‘which almost certainly makes Avenatti the most ubiquitous guest in the network’s history.’”

MORE: Last year, CNN’s Brian Stelter touted Avenattti as a ‘serious’ contender for the 2020 presidential election.