EUROWEENIE ANTISEMITISM ALERT: Survey says. . . one in three Europeans is antisemitic!

A new form of anti-Semitism has taken hold in Europe, fuelled by anti-Israeli sentiment, according to a survey which shows almost one in three Europeans now harbours some anti-Jewish feelings.

Attitudes towards Jews vary across the five countries surveyed with Belgians, Germans and the French “most likely to hold a prejudiced view of Jews”. Denmark and the UK are said to be the least prejudiced. But attitudes in the UK show a worryingly high level of anti-Semitic sentiment. . . .

One in five Britons believes Jews have too much power in the business world. More than 10 per cent of those surveyed in the UK believed Jews are “more willing to use shady practices to get what they want”.

One in 10 believes “Jews don’t care what happens to anyone but their own kind” while one in three considers “Jews are more loyal to Israel than to this country”.

Fiona Macaulay of the Board of Deputies of British Jews said: “These findings are shocking. If one was to substitute the word Jew for black there would be outrage.”

And remember: the UK is where there’s the least antisemitism. I shudder to think how the French are answering. I think, though, that this analysis has cause and effect backward: I don’t think that antisemitism is fueled by anti-Israeli sentiment.

UPDATE: A reader sends this link to a poll on antisemitism in America. You’ll note, however, that it’s much stronger among recent immigrants.