October 31, 2018

IT’S COME TO THIS: California city council candidate is caught dropping off his wheelchair-bound mom, 86, so she can panhandle: 

David Chey has been caught on camera leaving Soon Chey, 86, in her wheelchair in the downtown district of Laguna Beach with a sign that reads, ‘please, help me.’

‘They have a brand new car, live in a condo in Irvine, yet beg for our help,’ local business owner Heidi Miller told DailyMail.com.

‘And Adult Protective Services have gone out there and can’t do anything, because she says she enjoys begging. He’s pretty much brainwashed her.’

DailyMail.com was unable to immediately reach Chey for comment. 

We have a tremendous homeless problem in Laguna Beach, as every place does,’ Miller said.

‘And what the Cheys have been doing for 12 years is taking money from Laguna residents and tourists and going back to a cozy apartment in Irvine in a brand new car and taking money away from homeless people.’

Related: City Journal’s Steven Malanga in 2008 on “The Professional Panhandling PlagueA new generation of shakedown artists hampers America’s urban revival.”

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