July 20, 2018

J. CHRISTIAN ADAMS: The Coming War Over The Constitution:

To Brett Kavanaugh’s foes, the Constitution stands in the way of grand designs they have for the federal government and your lives.

They want to control things in your lives – your healthcare, your lightbulbs, your land, your neighborhood, your dishwasher, your electric bill, your employer. That’s why a wartime coalition of leftist interest groups have mobilized to battle over the future of the Constitution.

Kavanaugh’s foes want the Constitution to mean whatever suits their transformative agenda. Kavanaugh believes the Constitution means what it said when it was written. That it was written in 1787 doesn’t trouble him at all. . . .

The Cons believe the President is in charge of the executive branch, not unelected bureaucrats.

The Progs also believe in federal control over state elections. They don’t care that the Constitution of 1787 recognized that decentralized control over elections helps preserve individual liberty. When no single entity is in control of elections, no despot or malevolent faction can tamper with the system. The Progs hate election integrity rules like citizenship verification of voters or voter ID. They want federal bureaucrats to have the power to invalidate those state laws.

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