THE LONELY LIVES OF LEFTISTS. MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle: Yeah, I Scream Curses at Trump in the Shower.

Which makes a nice bookend to the 2009 New York Times columnist who dreamed of Obama appearing in her shower.

As Ben Shapiro noted, during the Tony Awards on Sunday, “alleged comedian Michael Ian Black tweeted out a bumper sticker that could easily be taken as the slogan for the modern Left: ‘Theater is political. Sports is political. Life is political. Be political.’”

In response, Shapiro writes:

But politics isn’t religion. It’s just a manifestation of values in the societal arena — a smaller arena than “life.” But when distinctions between individual and community degrade, everything becomes political. And so the Left promotes the idea that the personal is the political.

That was a slogan of the New Left during the 1960s; the idea was that life itself was a mere lived political experience, and that you should make your choices based on how they would play into societal structures. That’s a recipe for the destruction of communal space, an argument for the rise of a homogeneous societal standard based on the values of the cultural Left. And it means that we can’t live together. Someone has to win, and someone has to lose.

Believing that politics is everything* is a miserable way to live your life, and the result, among the many meltdowns on the left (beginning with patient zero of the contagion, Ben Rhodes’ vaporish election night response) is Ruhle’s confession of regularly freaking out.

* It sounds better in the original Italian, “Tutto all’interno dello stato, niente fuori dallo stato, nulla contro lo stato.”