SUZANNE VENKER: The Sad Plight Of Hillary Clinton.

Most elite feminists have one thing in common: They’re lonely. They’re very, very lonely. It’s hard to go to sleep alone at night and wake up to a failed marriage, and to so much disdain for the country in which one lives. When you’ve spent your life being resentful of men, marriage, and motherhood, what else can one expect?

Women like Clinton have spent their entire adult lives hating the society in which they live and wanting to change it. They’ve spent their entire adult lives trying to convince other women to hate the society in which they live and wanting to change it. How exhausting.

So, after all that time, after all those decades of trying to get women to think as feminists do, imagine what it was like for Clinton to be rejected by more than half of the women who look like her (white). Even worse, she lost them to a white alpha male who (wisely) rejects the feminist label and who represents everything feminists have fought against for decades?

It’s hard for Clinton. It’s painful to accept that most white women do, in fact, think for themselves — which is why they don’t buy what feminists are selling. But to accept that is difficult, so it’s easier to believe such women subordinate themselves to the men in their lives. After all, that’s the message Clinton and her allies have been selling for years. We can’t expect them to give up their life’s work and surrender their beliefs just because most people don’t share them.

Sad, but true.