HONESTLY, THIS SEEMS LIKE A GOOD IDEA: Trump Announces Immigration Reform With Merit-Based System for Green Cards.

The proposed legislation, dubbed the RAISE Act, would create a merit-based system for issuing green cards, rather than allowing more low-wage workers into the country. During a speech, Trump praised the proposal as a way to reduce American poverty, save taxpayers “billions of dollars,” and reduce competition for American workers.

The RAISE Act, which stands for “Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment Act,” was crafted by Sens. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and David Perdue (R-Ga.) and would block new immigrants from receiving welfare as well.

Both Cotton and Trump pushed the legislation as a way of putting American workers first. According to Trump, the current immigration system has hurt American workers, particularly immigrants and minorities who have to compete with foreign labor.

Put an end to rampant H1-B visa abuse and you’ll do a lot for Silicon Valley worker bees, too.

UPDATE: Even the NYT has to acknowledge the facts: Even among Democrats, 75% think it’s important for immigrants to speak English.