June 12, 2017


● “And we are back with our panel. The question we are trying to sort through is whether or not political violence can be attributed in some way to political rhetoric.”

—Fareed Zakaria, CNN, January 16th, 2011, a week after the Tucson massacre.

After Obama-mocking rodeo clown, Missouri fair requires ‘sensitivity training.’

—Headline, CNN.com, August 27, 2013.

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Hails Trump Assassination Play As ‘Masterpiece.’ (His Employer Sponsors It).

—Headline, the Daily Wire, today.

Related: To fuss or NOT to fuss: Chelsea Clinton whiny over sponsors pulling money from ‘Shakespeare in the Park.’

—Headline, Twitchy, today.

The Clintons had fellow lefty David Shuster suspended from MSNBC in February of 2008 when he referred to Chelsea, then age 27, as being “pimped out” by the first of her mother’s stillborn presidential campaigns. As Kurt Schlichter tweeted today, the left is going to hate having the rules they created apply to themselves, and not just their opponents.

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