June 5, 2017


Turn to this video captured during the attack, and you’ll see, or rather hear, what I’m talking about. You’ll see police barge into a pub near London Bridge, shouting at customers to get on the ground. http://vlt.tc/2vhp At the 37 second mark, you’ll hear a man, in the midst of an attack and likely believing his life was in danger, shout “F–king Muslim c–ts!” The man making the video replies, “Shut up mate, you f–king idiot. It’s not Muslims.” He later took to Twitter to follow up. http://vlt.tc/2vj8  “It’s me saying it isn’t the Muslims in that video because it bloody well isn’t. Stop grouping people based on a cult. They aren’t Islamic. It’s f–king lazy and downright racist to label all Islam alongside these scumbags.” So again, keep in mind that as this video is being filmed, people are being stabbed and attacked. The police are running to try and stop them. And in the middle of this attack, this young Brit’s priority is to say “not all Muslims” to those huddled on the floor. A nation of juveniles yelling “that’s racist” on their phones in the midst of a terror attack does not exactly indicate the persistence of the toughened spines that beat the Boche.

Expat British conservative John Derbyshire coined the phrase “Better dead than rude” to describe the PC mindset shortly after 9/11. It’s staggering to see how internalized it’s become among the residents of Airstrip One.

Earlier: In the Face of Terror, Londoners Told to “Run, Hide, Tell.”

(Classical reference in headline.)

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