WHAT ABOUT THE STUDENTS WHO SUPPORTED TRUMP? Ed Secretary: Colleges Must Protect All Students. “Education Secretary John B. King Jr. urged university leaders Tuesday to be sure that students do not feel harassed or intimidated in the wake of a divisive election that has left ‘many of our students feeling vulnerable.’ He spoke in Austin Tuesday at the annual meeting of the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities.”

I don’t really think this “all students should be comfortable on campus” stuff really means that they think all students should be comfortable. Certainly I can’t imagine King making a similar statement if Hillary had won.

UPDATE: From the comments:

Note that the government has now decided to come to the aid of certain people, even if nothing at all has happened to them. Now, the only requirement is that the protected class “feel” something. This feeling may even be entirely without cause. The important thing is that certain protected people must not be made to “feel” bad, no matter how irrational such a feeling is.

Of course, this protection does not extend to unprotected classes, such as Trump voters, who were too scared to tell people they were voting for Trump. No, they are an unprotected class.

And don’t think that’s by accident.