SEXISM ON THE MARCH: As Hillary Plays the Woman Card, More Men Are Being Dealt Out. “A key indicator of American male decline is the gender ratio at U.S. colleges. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), women accounted for 43 percent of enrollees in degree-granting postsecondary institutions in 1972. The other 57 percent were men. Forty years later, the ratio had flipped. In 2012, the latest year for which actual data were reported, women made up 57 percent of the college population, with men representing the remaining 43 percent. Further, NCES projects that the gap will widen by 2022, when women are expected to reach 61 percent of the college population. If that projection holds, America will have roughly 14 million female college students and only 10 million male college students.”

And yet virtually every school has a “women’s center,” a relic of when women were a small and new minority in higher education. And not only is there nothing comparable for men, male students are treated as presumptive rapists.

But wait, there’s more:

So, if men are now underrepresented in higher education, where might they be? One place is in prison. At the end of 2014, almost 93 percent of inmates in state and federal correctional facilities were male. There were over 1.4 million male prisoners compared to 113,000 female inmates.

If we add inmates in city and county jails as well as those on probation or parole, the gap widens. The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that 5.56 million men were in the correctional system at the end of 2014, versus 1.25 million women.

While men have always dominated the correctional population, they have suffered disproportionately in today’s era of mass incarceration.

If you look at actual numbers and policies, it’s a war on men. The “war on women” rhetoric is just a smokescreen. But don’t expect Hillary to address that. . . .