ASHE SCHOW: Hillary Clinton Exposes the Left’s Own Abortion Extremism: Republicans aren’t the only ones who can be extreme on this issue.

Polls on the issue continually show that the American people by and large do not like late-term abortions, even many who are fine with abortions for any reason within the first trimester. A majority of Americans support abortion in the first trimester, while a large majority (usually in the 60-plus percent range) do not support abortions in the second trimester, and an even larger percentage (more than 80 percent) oppose abortions in the third trimester.

So if Ms. Clinton is suggesting that it is okay to abort up until birth, she is wildly out of line with the American people and most state’s current laws. Yet she will not be forced to follow up her comments and expand on them or explain them away.

Actually, it’s amazing that Chick Todd even asked her one question.