March 18, 2016

WHY RUBIO FAILED: Immigration Is A Foundational Issue.

When politicians want to import tens of millions of new immigrants it can look like Washington is trying to remake the electorate. This isn’t pure fantasy. In 1996, Bill Clinton’s White House instructed the Immigration and Naturalization Service “to streamline the naturalization process and greatly increase naturalizations during 1996.” Sure enough, Hispanics more than doubled as a portion of the electorate for Clinton’s 1996 reelection, according to exit polls.

Conservatives won’t win any fights — over guns, marriage, taxes, spending, health care, or anything — if the U.S. electorate is remade in the image of California.

Deeper than the issues, and even deeper than the structural political questions, is the nearly existential question that Trump raises. “IF WE DON’T HAVE BORDERS,” Trump tweeted in November, “WE DON’T HAVE A COUNTRY!”

This directly attacks the elite worldview. The borderless world John Lennon sang of – “Imagine there’s no countries” – is the dream that inspired the idea of the European Union, and which fills the fantasies of multinational corporations.

Pretty much everything John Lennon imagined in that dumb song was stupid, and would be disastrous if attempted.

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