SHOT: How Democrats abandoned the working class and spurred rise of Donald Trump.

—Kyle Smith, the New York Post.

Chaser: The Resentment Powering Trump.

—Molly Ball, the Atlantic.

Of course, it’s not like, in their manic quest for Internet clicks, the Atlantic fueled that resentment by surreptitiously comparing Bush to Hitler in 2007, then relentlessly attacking Sarah Palin and utterly fixating on the notion that Trig Palin wasn’t her son the following year, and then comparing milquetoast John Boehner to an Irish Republican terrorist in 2013, or anything.

Oh wait.

Related: What Trump’s Insults Tell Us About American Democracy: Welcome to “a future where politics and entertainment are finally, completely unified, to the detriment of both, and of everyone subjected to them.” In other words, Trump is Godzilla, spawned by the radioactive DNC-MSM overculture of the past quarter century.