March 10, 2016

EVERGREEN HEADLINE: “Barack Obama is a graceless man,” Betsy Newmark writes:

He has never disguised his arrogant sense of moral superiority to those with whom he disagrees politically. And now he carries that arrogant gracelessness beyond the grave. First he skipped Justice Scalia’s funeral instead opting for a very brief drop-in at the viewing at the Court. And now he’s skipping Nancy Reagan’s funeral so he can go speak at a music festival. It’s as if he not only wants to snub the first lady of another party, but he just doesn’t like to be at an event where he is not the star. Even going to Nelson Mandela’s funeral became an occasion for a bored Obama to take selfies.

Plus this, as part of Betsy’s aggregation of today’s links: “for all their pearl-clutching at Donald Trump, Democrats have their own authoritarian impulse. They just think their motives are pure so it doesn’t matter what methods they use.”

Read the whole thing.

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