March 8, 2016

PUNCHING BACK TWICE AS HARD: Rubio Spokesman Alex Conant Trashes CNN Report On Air, Poses Tough Question to Wolf Blitzer: ‘How Did That Happen?’

And speaking of punching back twice as hard, the Rubio camp is also fundraising off CNN’s bias.

Naturally, because this is CNN, Conant says network cancelled his scheduled interview with Anderson Cooper later yesterday evening.

As Iowahawk tweets, “2014: CNN has non-stop coverage of Malaysian Airlines 370 2016: CNN is Malaysian Airlines 370,” adding, “My anonymous sources tell me James Earl Jones will be replaced as CNN voice guy by Bobcat Goldthwait.”

Mickey Kaus writes, “I assume [people] have already speculated this is just a cunning ploy to lower expectations (Team Rubio’s specialty).”

All of the above being said, is it “Time For Rubio’s Reckoning”?

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