March 1, 2016

SUPER TUESDAY: Trump dominates in Alabama, Hillary wins AL, TN.

UPDATE: Trump Wins Massachusetts.

UPDATE (6:03 PM PST): Cruz, Clinton projected to win primaries in Texas.

UPDATE (6:10 PM PST): Cruz takes home state of Texas, as Trump carries 5 states.

UPDATE (6:12 PM PST): She ain’t in no waaaze tarred — Hillary Clinton Sweeps The South.

UPDATE (6:16 PM PST): Cruz wins Republican primary in Oklahoma.

UPDATE (6:18 PM PST): Question asked: “Rubio fans: what does it take for you to just rally around Cruz at this point? Genuinely curious.”

UPDATE (6:25 PM PST): Parsing the Polls: Was Kasich the Virginia spoiler?

UPDATE (6:35 PM PST): Bernie Takes Home State While Hillary Dominates in Georgia, Virginia.

UPDATE (6:36 PM PST): BREAKING: Fox News Confirms that Florida Governor Rick Scott Will Endorse Trump. “Endorsements rarely decisive, but this is a genuine blow to Rubio in his home state,” Brit Hume adds.

UPDATE (6:52 PST): …Or maybe not: “No Rick Scott endorsement tonight,” Fox’s Martha MacCallum tweeted a few minutes ago. “Two sources had earlier said Scott would endorse Trump. Still could happen but apparently not tonight,” Brit Hume writes.

UPDATE (7:07 PST): Bernie Sanders Beats Hillary Clinton In Oklahoma…major reversal from 2008, when the state embraced Clinton.

Meanwhile at Trump HQ in Florida, “Christie right after press conference: ‘I did everything you asked Mr. Trump. Can you please let them out of the cage now?'” Concurrently, “6 New Jersey Newspapers Call On Chris Christie To Resign.”

UPDATE (7:14 PM PST): “Headspinning: Rubio who won 0 states delivers triumphal victory speech. #SuperTuesday winner Trump holds subdued, engaging news conference,” Michelle Malkin tweets. Earlier today, the Rubio campaign floated a trial balloon on how they could make it to the GOP convention with zero state wins. Perhaps with Ben Carson as veep.

UPDATE (8:19 PM PST): On the board! “Rubio Wins Minn. Republican Caucus Giving Him First Victory.” Walter Mondale could not be reached for comment.  Meanwhile, a “week after joking about Cruz’s death on the Senate floor — Lindsey Graham on CBS just now: ‘we may be in a position where we have to rally around Ted Cruz.’”   As a result, “You’ve just crossed over into…the Twilight Zone.”

UPDATE (8:23 PM PST): Trump tacks on another Super Tuesday win in Arkansas.

UPDATE (8:31 PM PST): “Breaking: The Associated Press calls Minnesota for Bernie Sanders. That brings him up to 4 wins, verses Clinton’s 7 wins. That doesn’t save his campaign, but the battle isn’t over yet.”

UPDATE (8:50 PM PST): News you can use: Kasich Swears He’s Not in it for VP.

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