March 1, 2016

AN OSCAR FOR THE GRIEVANCE INDUSTRY. PJTV alumnus Joe Hicks writes in USA Today, “The report’s major argument about racial bias in Hollywood should raise eyebrows. This community of creative artists and film magnates is perhaps the best-known liberal spot in the nation. The rare conservative who works in this milieu mostly keeps his politics in the closet.” Plus this:

According to the latest available data, the National Basketball Association is overwhelmingly African-American. About 1 in 5 of its players are white, and only a tiny percentage Hispanic or Asian. The National Hockey League? About one in 20 of these players are black. About 70% of National Football League players are black while only 28% are white. Is anyone outraged about this? Shouldn’t these teams be more diverse? If not, why not? Can white kids identify with a team that has predominantly black athletes (a manifestly absurd question)?

Read the whole thing.

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