February 24, 2016

AND NOW, THE REST OF THE STORY: Starving on the Prosciutto-and-Brie Poverty Diet.

Michelle Malkin does yeoman work, going into the details of Talia Jane, the woman we mentioned on Monday who complained about the how expensive it is to make it San Francisco, whose screed resulted in her being fired by Yelp, in which she mentioned being “25-years old, balancing all sorts of debt and trying to pave a life for myself that doesn’t involve crying in the bathtub every week.”

There’s no doubt that SF is an expensive city to live in thanks to its deepest of blue state taxes and policies. But it’s even more expensive when, as Malkin discovered, you’re spending — as Jane boasted on Instagram and Twitter — your wages on “‘prosciutto-brie-cilantro-garlic biscuits,’ ‘brie-stuffed meatballs topped with brie and rosemary sprigs,’ ‘roast chuck marinated in herbs,’ ‘a s— ton of Swedish potatoes au gratin,’ and ‘mini pumpkin pies’” – and “indulging in a spa day with a fashionable facial mask made of Lush-brand coffee grounds.” “In one of her richer moments (pun intended),” Michelle writes, “Jane brags about having Bulleit Kentucky Bourbon delivered to her office through a smartphone app.”

Read the whole thing.

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