February 10, 2016

MILO YIANNOPOULOS FACED BY HURTFUL GENDERED PERFORMANCES: Rutgers students smear themselves with fake blood to protest ‘Most Dangerous Faggot.’ Plus the inevitable: “'[Rutgers groups] should not be inviting anyone like Yiannopoulos because what we stand for is inclusion and diversity,’ student activist Nyuma Waggeh told The Daily Targum. ‘If a speaker makes someone feel unsafe or uncomfortable, then they should not come to campus.’”

Why so homophobic, Nyuma? And really, trying to protest a homosexual man by invoking the tired anti-gay cliche that they’re repulsed by menstruation? Pathetic.


“The strangest thing, however, was that when the floor was opened up for questions, I didn’t see any of the protesters behind me raise their hand,” the student continued. “Yiannopoulos and others were clearly open to hear the position of the left, and when someone with an opposing view DID have a question, it was respectfully answered with a libertarian perspective.”

“The purpose of university is to interrogate new ideas, discover ourselves, meet new people, and explore the world. What it ought to be is a free space without trigger warnings. In my view, anyone who asks for a trigger warning should be expelled. What they’ve demonstrated is that they are incapable of being exposed to new ideas,” Yiannopoulos said.

As Milo often says, to survive in an outrage culture, it pays to be outrageous. Video here. The protesters certainly lived up to IowaHawk’s description as “screaming campus garbage babies.” You could run excerpts in a Trump ad. . . .

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