February 9, 2016

THIS IS CNN: Under Sanders, income and jobs would soar, economist says.

Well, CNN got the headline it wanted; buried in the article are the minor details that “Gerald Friedman, a University of Massachusetts Amherst economics professor…believes in democratic socialism like the candidate.” Friedman’s “analysis” wasn’t “commissioned by the candidate, though Sanders’ policy director called it ‘outstanding work.'”

I’m sure Sanders, like Obama before him, appreciates the ability for CNN to run what is essentially a campaign press release; Friedman routinely cranks out fanboy-style articles in support of Bernie. Though unspoken in this article is the question: why didn’t Obama, whom CNN wrecked whatever was left of its reputation to champion, implement this model, particularly in his first two years, when his party controlled both houses of Congress?

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Well, he certainly has plenty of experience with that issue.

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