WISCONSIN’S SECRET WAR: Bad Santa: John Doe prosecutor delivers letters to the people he spied on.

He walked into work Tuesday morning to find he had received an “unbelievable” notice.

Opening the manila envelope, the Wisconsin conservative learned that government agents had secretly seized his emails – professional and personal – sent and received over a two-year period beginning Jan. 1, 2009.

He found out he had, without his knowledge, been dragged into Wisconsin’s notorious John Doe investigation, one of perhaps dozens of individuals who in recent days have received similar notices from former John Doe special prosecutor Francis D. Schmitz.

Some, like the conservative who spoke to Wisconsin Watchdog on Tuesday, had no idea they had been under surveillance in a massive, politically driven spy operation.

“Just unbelievable,” said the conservative, who asked not to be identified. He remains active in Wisconsin politics. “It feels like a different country. It feels like something that shouldn’t be done in the United States of America.”

It’s increasingly the Democrats’ dream, though.