ASHE SCHOW: Fox News documentary covers campus sexual assault.

This past weekend, Fox News ran a special report about how colleges and universities across the country are handling sexual assault. The documentary (in which I appeared) ran counter to the prevailing narrative that schools are hotbeds of sexual assault where accusers aren’t taken seriously.

The report, hosted by Martha MacCallum, follows the stories of three men accused of sexual assault and the way they were branded as rapists despite evidence to the contrary in a culture that says we should believe all accusations regardless of merit.

“We’ve long heard that government is best kept out of the bedroom, but as it turns out, in colleges across the nation, government is insisting that it be referee in life’s most intimate moments,” MacCallum says at the beginning of the report. “And far from resisting, activists on campus are inviting the government in. In fact, they’re demanding that it do more.”

It’s a threesome with creepy Uncle Sam. As I’ve said, I think that this kind of micromanagement of adults’ sex lives violates the right of sexual privacy developed in Lawrence v. Texas.