November 25, 2015

ROGER SIMON: Islam Needs an Intervention:

Think about a family.  When there’s a cousin addicted to crystal meth, what do you do?  Give him money for more or stage an intervention?  The latter obviously.  Only in this case the size of the intervention is huge,  almost incomprehensibly so.  But it is necessary. Otherwise, there is no reason to think it will ever stop.

How do you make an intervention so huge?  Well, obviously, you have to destroy ISIS military and totally.  But that, as I indicated, is only temporary. Beyond that, we have to launch a major ideological war. This will take allies in the Islamic world like Egypt’s al-Sisi, a man who says Islam needs reform but whom, not surprisingly, our president disdains.

Sharia law should be outlawed in the United States and in as many Western countries as possible since it is in direct contradistinction to Western values in its misogyny and homophobia.  Those from the Islamic world who seek to immigrate should be required to take classes explaining our values and why Sharia is unacceptable to us.  Otherwise they should not be admitted.  This may not work, but it is a start.

Don’t look for much change (or hope) until after next year at the earliest, though.

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