November 13, 2015

THE VERY DEFINITION OF BAD TIMING: Al Gore, who has been comparing global warming to Kristallnacht and World War II for over a quarter of a century before cashing out to the oil-rich Middle Eastern nation of Qatar is in France this weekend to host a “climate telethon from Paris’ Eiffel Tower,” AP reported earlier today. Gore’s Website, which was apparently still live-streaming video even after the terror attack began (the video portion appears to have since gone black) is titled “24 Hours of Reality: The World is Watching.”


Back in August, the Obama White House tweeted, “No challenge poses a greater threat to our future than climate change,” echoing a near identical statement from the president in April and in February.

Freud called it displacement.

Related: “Tomorrow’s Democratic debate tragically just got more interesting,” John Podhoretz tweets.

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