November 9, 2015


Even if you assume that the master-the-pain theory is correct – to wit, that everything that happened that happened to the Democratic party since Barack Obama took office was inevitable, or at least unexceptional; and that the pendulum will swing back as soon as Barack Obama is replaced by a Republican – you’re still left with this rather stunning admission by the Left that Barack Obama is nothing specialAll that stuff about him being a transformational figure in American politics? All those paeans of praise to the Lightworker? All those virtues that hysterics hysterically claimed were manifest in Barack Obama? …To quote the philosopher: “Well, that’s just what we call pillow talk, baby.”

Mind you, now would be the time for the grown-ups in the Democratic party – such as they are – to start distancing themselves from Barack Obama.  He has, after all, almost reached the end of his effective shelf life; and it’s not as if he’s done Democrats any favors. In fact, it’s going to take them some time to repair the damage he’s done to them, and I hope that it takes them a nice, long, while. Because goodness knows the Democrats deserve this particular pain.

Indeed. But we should never forget the journalists who wrote tens of thousands of words of mythological praise in service to their party in 2008. In an ideal world, they would be sent back to covering planning board meetings in Weehawken. Instead, we should call into question their political coverage now. If the MSM is perturbed that they keep being called out by Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Christie, Fiorina, and Carson, well, such a reckoning was long overdue after what Bernie Goldberg dubbed the MSM’s slobbering lovefest of Obama. (QED, if you need a quick refresher.)

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