October 14, 2015

THEY BUILD QUITE A MEMORY HOLE AT TIME-WARNER-CNN-HBO: Hillary Clinton calls for a “New New Deal” during Tuesday’s debate, which aired on CNN, a division of the Time-Warner-CNN-HBO conglomerate. It seems like only yesterday though, that another division of that corporation was telling us that a “New New Deal” had just arrived:


Naturally, Time magazine itself can’t bothered in its cheerleading to point out how shopworn the idea is; as Jim Geraghty writes, it’s “in fact an Old Old Idea, considering how FDR called for a Second New Deal in 1935.”

Add to that LBJ’s Great Society, which was sold as a Texas-sized extension of FDR’s New Deal(s), and you begin to wonder how many New, New, New, New Deals America can take before it all implodes, Cloward-Piven style.

Which is why Jim proffers the biggest takeaway of yesterday evening: “America Now Has an Openly Socialist Party.”

Can the feckless Stupid Party stop them next year?

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