WAR ON WOMEN: Fiorina supporters slam ‘ludicrous’ CNN debate methodology.

Carly Fiorina supporters are criticizing CNN’s debate criteria that could prevent the former Hewlett-Packard CEO from grabbing a spot on the main stage at the second debate despite her surging poll numbers.

They say that CNN’s decision to include polls from before the first presidential debate will work against Fiorina, who didn’t make the main stage at the Aug. 6 Fox News debate in Cleveland but surged after a strong performance during the undercard debate.

“Ludicrous,” was how Katie Hughes, communications director for CARLY for America super-PAC supporting Fiorina’s campaign, termed it.

“The political class is *still* trying to keep her off the main debate stage, if you can believe that,” argued Sarah Isgur Flores, Fiorina’s deputy campaign manager, in a fundraising email to supporters on Friday.

A CNN spokesperson could not be reached for comment.

A cynic might conclude that this is CNN protecting Hillary. Hillary’s only claim to fame, after all, is that she has a vagina. To admit that there’s another woman in the race would undercut her.