TROLL LEVEL: GRANDMASTER. Kurt Schlichter: Sexy Conservatives Will Out-Breed Barren Liberals. “The last time some Twitter leftist sneered at me and called me a ‘breeder,’ I wondered whether this collectivist genius considered not reproducing to be a wise long-term strategy. . . . Liberal women, encouraged by the sour crones of the radical feminist movement, often wait far too long to marry and to begin families. They were lied to – you can’t have it all. Life is choices, and a family is a choice that means trade-offs. Choose unwisely, and one may not be able to undue the relentless ticking of the biological clock. And as far as liberal men go, well, just look at them. It’s hard muster raw sexual energy when you think foreplay consists of sobbing to your life partner about how you can’t bear the weight of your undeserved phallocentic privilege.”