December 9, 2014

YES, BUT THEY’RE PROTECTED BECAUSE THEY’RE BIG DEM DONORS. NOW UNDER PRESIDENT CRUZ, I EXPECT THE EEOC TO GIVE THEM A GOOD GOING-OVER. A Feminist Critique Of Silicon Valley. “The Valley has bought into the idea of itself as a meritocracy: a world of self-starting, bootstrapping geniuses so much better and smarter than anyone else in the world that they deserve wildly disproportionate opportunities for wealth and power. The problem is that this is the exact opposite of what Silicon Valley actually is: a sexist and racist wealth distribution mechanism that relies on cronyism, corruption, and exclusion to function.”

UPDATE: Judging by the comments, Technology Review’s readership isn’t too impressed. And after reading this piece by Elizabeth Spiers and this by Bobbie Johnson, I’m kind of surprised that Technology Review chose this woman for an interview on this topic. She seems like an angry Social Justice Warrior type, and not much else.

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