December 8, 2014

TERRENCE, THIS IS STUPID STUFF: Credulous Journalist Ponders Why Journalists Are So Credulous.

The expression “fake but accurate” is really all we need to understand the problem, and it’s pathetic that journalists at the WaPo level haven’t fully internalized the lessons of these old scandals. Tweeting one day and cogitating over the general problem the next — it’s so sloppy, so lazy, so stupid. . . .

I must stress that when McCoy took down his tweet, he shifted the blame away from himself, saying: “Just read more into the Enliven graph. It was a misleading graph. I’ve since taken it down.” He didn’t just take down the graph. He took down his own mistakenly self-assured statement: “Let’s be clear about one thing. Fraudulent accusations of rape are extraordinarily rare. This graph proves it.” It wasn’t just “a misleading graph” by Enliven. It was a misleading assertion by a journalist. If he’s done a mea culpa for that, I haven’t seen it.

What I love is how the fact that it was posted by a guy who graduated from Harvard last year is supposed to make it better.

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