December 8, 2014

ACTIVISTS WORRY: Will Rolling Stone Debacle Hurt Campus Sexual Assault Programs? My own suggestion: With rape rates already plummeting over the past 20 years, maybe the best thing to do is not much.

Plus, from the comments: “In this article, I see quotes from a bunch of people trying to cover their tails. Like the Duke case a few years ago, we see a university mob attack a small group of what now appears to be innocent students. It was not just one or two wrong details.” The more people talk about compassion, the less compassion they have for people who stand in the way of their ideological program.

UPDATE: Howard Kurtz: Rolling Stone’s Rape Story – A Bigger Journalistic Train Wreck Than We Thought.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Friend of UVA/Rolling Stone rape accuser: It’s not a hoax. This appears to be grist for the “something happened, just not what Rolling Stone reported” theory.

Related: Mollie Hemingway: Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s Old Stories Sure Read Like Bad Lifetime Movies.

Plus: Two key figures in UVa story: Rolling Stone didn’t talk to us.

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