March 4, 2014

AN UNFOLDING Crimean Cyber-War. They tested this out in Georgia.

If I were a small country bordering Russia, I’d work hard to develop the ability to blow up some Russian oil and gas pipelines.


ANOTHER UPDATE: Europe’s Largest Oil Refinery Catches On Fire, Happens To Be In Russia.

The refinery is OJSC TANECO, formerly known as the Nizhnekamsk refinery, in Tartarstan. If you get into your Lada and drive due East from Moscow, you’ll get there in about 14 hours.

Reuters reports that the fire was put out the same evening it started and there were no injuries. It will take a few months to get production back up.

It churns out 140,000 barrels of gas and diesel a day, and that production all goes to Russia.

Hmm. Nobody hurt, but production out for months. Production that all goes to Russia. Hmm.

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