QUELLE HORREUR: Lobbyists denounce push to limit their access in shutdown.

The American League of Lobbyists on Thursday blasted a Democratic lawmaker for proposing that lobbyists be banned from congressional office buildings during the government shutdown.

Monte Ward, the League’s president, said Rep. David Cicilline’s (D-R.I.) call to restrict lobbyists’ access runs counter to the Constitution.

“Banning any constituent or citizen from the United States Capitol and the congressional office buildings to keep them from meeting with their elected officials is unconstitutional,” Ward said in a statement.

“While we respect the Congressman’s frustration for his constituents, we urge him to remember that all citizens, including lobbyists, have a First Amendment right to redress their grievances. Even though the federal government has shut down, the Constitution and Bill of Rights still stand.”

Ward said the shutdown is inconvenient for K Street as well.

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