SEE, IT’S NOT JUST THE COPS YOU SHOULD BE RECORDING: Sex video clears men accused of rape.

The hookup got hot and wild, and one of the two men whipped out his cellphone to shoot a video of the room-to-room romp with the woman they’d just met that night.

The sex video may have been the only thing that saved the two from prison.

The woman accused them of rape. The video showed otherwise, police and prosecutors said. What happened that night led to the vicious beating of one of the men two days later. . . .

Unfortunately for Kurre, 27, the man’s friend shot the video, showing her laughing and carrying on with the two alleged rapists – hence, the lack of charges against them and the lodging of the misdemeanor false-report accusation.

“This is great stuff,” Citrus Heights Police Detective Ron Pfleger told the man who shot the video, according to a transcript of his interview five days after the Feb. 17, 2011, beating of his friend, outside the assault victim’s apartment. “This is exactly what you guys are hoping for.”

Had it not been for the video, the chances were likely that Kurre’s rape accusation against the two men would have been given more credibility by police and prosecutors.

Instead, it turned the tables on Kurre, who now is looking at the possibility of four years behind bars.

Sounds like she told her boyfriend she was raped in order to cover up what had really happened. That’s the same story as the Hofstra false-rape-accusation case, which was also busted by cellphone video.

And, you know, when defendants in these group-sex cases say it was consensual, the response is often what woman would consent to have sex with several guys? Well, some do. . . .