A DEGREE OF PERFECTION THAT GOES BEYOND WHAT ONE NORMALLY EXPECTS OF GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES: The F.B.I. Deemed Agents Faultless in 150 Shootings. “After contradictory stories emerged about an F.B.I. agent’s killing last month of a Chechen man in Orlando, Fla., who was being questioned over ties to the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, the bureau reassured the public that it would clear up the murky episode. . . . But if such internal investigations are time-tested, their outcomes are also predictable: from 1993 to early 2011, F.B.I. agents fatally shot about 70 ‘subjects’ and wounded about 80 others — and every one of those episodes was deemed justified, according to interviews and internal F.B.I. records obtained by The New York Times through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.”

Plus: “In most of the shootings, the F.B.I.’s internal investigation was the only official inquiry.”